V​.​A. - Mangold! (compilation)

by Kitchen Leg records

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  • Limited edition yellow and blue double cassette compilation w/lots of collages inside
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    Only 50 copies available. Weird situationist project: a tribute to Brabrabra made by musician friends and bands from Berlin and beyond. Click on "lyrics" to read about each individual artist.

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For the occasion of Cassette Store day 2015, Kitchen Leg Records presents the double cassette compilation
“Mangold!” features 18 different artists from Berlin and beyond covering songs from Brabrabra's debut cassette “Mango”, which was also Kitchen Leg's first release back in December 2013.
Despite their minimal and often lo-fi sound and attitude, Brabrabra made true pop music, and played very catchy songs, winning over audiences in Berlin and even found their way into Everett True's column.
After Berlin based band Classic Muscle began covering some of Brabrabra's songs live we jokingly came up with the idea of making a tribute album. However after mentioning the idea out loud we realized that it seemed to attract quite a bit of interest from musician friends and bands we know and the joke slowly became an
emerging reality. In fact the response was so enthusiastic that we ended up with roughly 3 times the amount of songs than the
original album contained.
“Mangold!” is an eclectic mix of pop/electro/home recorded/folk-blues and other genuine oddities.
Participating artists include Skiing, The History of Colour TV, Delmore FX and Razor Cunts to name just a few.
The cover itself is a photo of the original “Mango”' cover artwork as a work in progress. It is symbolic of the way we work and how we view our label as something we build upon day to day. To quote Bruce Lee, like the water that erodes the rock!


released October 17, 2015

All songs were written by Brabrabra and are published by Kitchen Leg records in the album "Mango" KLr001.
Individual songs were arranged, played and recorded by the following bands or musicans: Arnaud Blunorin, Apio Crudo, Baritoprince, Classic Muscle, Concierge, Delmore FX, I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream, The History of Colour TV, Kenji & Aiqeaux, Mumbles, Nunofyrbeeswax, The Old Dream of Symmetry, Razor Cunts, Los Retrasados, Ruins of Krueger, Skiing, Tatsumi Ryusui.
Mastering by Jaike Stamback.


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Kitchen Leg records Berlin, Germany

Kitchen Leg records (CA/IT) is a Berlin-based tape label.

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Track Name: Classic Muscle - Sorèl
Classic Muscle are 3 friends living in Berlin (for the most part). All their songs are too fast and are recorded live with equipment fished from the bargain bin.
Track Name: Delmore FX - Trancee
Delmore Fx is the solo project of Elia Buletti, the man behind the Berlin based label Das Andere Selbst. "Altogether, let`s call it just bedroom tribalism".
Track Name: Mumbles - Tropical Sensation
About Mumbles: "you don't have to be able to play an instrument or be a musical person, just come by regularly" that was the initial slogan to start our band, since we knew many people who wanted to give it a try and somehow didn't. Mumbles were born out of a desperate need to do anyhow music-making.After a couple band-transformations we had a pile of pretty unique songs, blending our dewy-eyed ambitions and unspoiled skills with a good portion of fuckoff-punkish attitude.
We are the mumbles. We like making noise, pom-poms, cakes, dance, scream and shout.
Their debut cassette "Geese my eyes" will be release by Kitchen Leg rec on Mai 24.
Track Name: Razor Cunts - Glass Grave
About the Razor Cunts:

Recipe: Add The Raincoats, Lydia Lunch, Miranda July, Bikini Kill, Yoko Ono, Margaret Atwood, ESG and Mary Poppins and mix in a blender for roughly 25-30 years. Then spice with cellos and stripes and dirty words and drums and distortion and love.
Starring: Jane Flett and Ambika Thompson

Track Name: Arnaud Blunorin - Trancee
Arnaud Blunorin is the mysterious computer-assisted project of Diego Ferri, Italian musician and sound engineer based in Berlin that collaborates, between the others, with Chinawoman, Paro, Martin Bisi, Alice in Cities, and DuChamp.
Track Name: Apio Crudo - Lack of God
Apio Crudo is the folk/blues project of Angela, dancer and performer. She's active as musician with The Fingers, Xantene, Nunofyrbeeswax and Otolitos.
Track Name: I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream - Cauliflower
I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream is a shoegaze / post-punk band from Berlin. IHNMAIMS took their band name from a dystopian science fiction short story about survivors of a nuclear war. Musical influences include The Cure and My Bloody Valentine as well as fellow Berlin bands The History of Colour TV, BraBraBra, Skiing and Jolly Goods, with whom they share current or former band members.
They have released an EP on cassette tape in 2012 and recently finished recording their debut album.

Track Name: Tatsumi Ryusui - The Beach
Tatsumi Ryusui is a Japanese sound artist, guitar player, instrument builder and living in Berlin. Among his music collaboration, Elmer Kussiac, trio with cellist Amelie Legrand and double bass player Adam Goodwin.

Track Name: The Old Dream of Symmetry - Passport (live)
The Old Dream of Simmetry is Will Gresson main solo project. In this frame, he did a collaboration with Felix Florian Toedloff (Sun Worship, Spherics, Nada...).Will Gresson is a London based artist, writer and musician born in New Zealand. Among his several music project, Fausto Maijstral (with DuChamp) and Palatial (with Sasha Mandel and Tatsumi Ryusui). His currently recording and playing with Roy Verna.
Track Name: Concierge - Sorèl
Concierge is a musician, audio technician, sound designer and vegan chef living in Berlin. Always surrounded by computers and instruments, he developed his sound art as a personal statement to the broken world we live in.
His music is carefully arranged with nervous hand crafted beats which tenuously hold the rhythm together while chilling, eerie and brooding synths pulse and flow around them. What first sounds like a random smattering of noises soon coalesces into infectious beats with bass to fill the dancefloor. Concierge plays guitar in Ruins of Krüger.
Track Name: Skiing - Cauliflower
Skiing is Everett Darling who sometimes plays and records with friends and lovers, ex-friends, and future-lovers.
Track Name: Ruins of Krüger - Passport
Ruins of Krüger is a Berlin’s nowave-bleachfunk-psyche-truly unclassificable band;one of the most fiesty and interesting bands in town (and not only).

While creeping over humans waste, they transtroys elements into resonances of wrongness punk-trance and outrageous pop. Crystallized bombs or floating spheres they catapult into the chamber. With ordinary weapons the Krügers creats an atmosphere of ruinatic fun like pearl divers. You get thrown into a psychodelic abyss with no escape. Broken errors climbing clean walls until your awake. Ruins of Krüger is a sound-organism, which incorporates all its experiences in art-improvisation-performance-cooking. With several concerts on this earth they isolated an atomic rattle to keep you alive. Expect nothing, get everything, darling!

Track Name: Nunofyrbeeswax - Glass Grave
Davide & Angela, the guitarrists from the Berlin band the Fingers, write and play a bunch of new pop songs as raw as their hearts in a minimal set up. Lo-fi-you.
Track Name: Kenji & Aiqeaux - Cauliflower
We are Kenji & Aiqeaux living in Kyoto, Japan.
When we joined in a European tour of "Maher shalal hash baz" two years ago, we played with Brabrabra in Berlin.
Usually, we play in "Furueru Shita (A tangue trembling)" , "Maher" , our duo and so on.Through our music, we try to express the daily problems and world problems.
Track Name: The History Of Colour TV - Passport
Starting out as a conceptual audio-visual project, The History Of Colour TV was created by Jaike Stambach in early 2010. After relocating to Berlin and releasing a string of cassette-only experimental EPs and videos, the project soon evolved into a full band line-up. The music underwent a slow but radical change, gradually incorporating dark, dreamy pop and abrasive electronic soundscapes, with a focus more solidly anchored in the song format. The first manifestation of this came as the Colour TV EP in 2011, and the band went on to explore this sound and style on their two first albums, released respectively in 2013 and 2014 on Saint Marie Records. With a noticable return to more abrasive tones, the release in early 2015 of the Sure enough. EP on Cranes Records hints at what might to be expected from the band in the future.
Track Name: Los Retrasados - The Beach
Los retrasados are a family band for families. Hobbies include fishing, bricolage, international diplomacy and internet. Please don't hesitate.

Track Name: Baritoprince - Braces
Baritoprince is a one-man band from Voghera, Italy. Grunge at heart, Minuteman fan, Mic Roma aka Baritoprince believes that you can go from “Our band can be your life” to “You can be your own band”, and uses the concept of one-man band as a philosophy. His first album “La bestia di compleanno” has been released in 2015. Mic Roma plays also in Three Horns and il Dio Cervo, and been part of the glorious Fuzzamentos collective.
Track Name: Kenji & Aiqeaux - Passport
We are Kenji & Aiqeaux living in Kyoto, Japan.
When we joined in a European tour of "Maher shalal hash baz" two years ago, we played with Brabrabra in Berlin.
Usually, we play in "Furueru Shita (A tangue trembling)" , "Maher" , our duo and so on.Through our music, we try to express the daily problems and world problems.

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